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Tooth sensitivity can affect up to 69 per cent of us at some time and can cause daily agony.For the lucky few who haven’t experienced it, tooth sensitivity is a very sharp pain that lasts for a short time and can be triggered by a variety of things including hot and cold food and drinks, acids, sugar, touching the tooth with a fork or fingernail – or even tooth brushing.Tooth sensitivity occurs when the underlying layer of your teeth – the dentine – becomes exposed. Patients with gum disease are even more likely to experience sensitivity, with up to 98 per cent reporting it.As many as 91 per cent say they think sensitivity is a normal part of their everyday life, leading many patients not to mention it at their regular dental or hygiene appointments. But please do as we can certainly help deal effectively with the discomfort.A number of products have been proven to help, such as sensitivity toothpastes, varnishes and special daily mouthwashes that block the tubules leading to the tooth’s nerve centre, the pulp.Diet and lifestyle changes can also help. Changing your toothbrush to one with soft bristles can ease the pain, as can reducing the amount of pressure you apply when brushing.Giving careful consideration to the amount and frequency you consume acidic food and drinks, as well as sugar or sweets, can also make a huge difference.Other clinical conditions can have similar signs and symptoms to sensitivity, so it is important that we can rule these out in order to treat you effectively.These conditions include:

  • Dental caries
  • Cracked tooth syndrome
  • Improperly insulated metallic fillings
  • Post-operative sensitivity

Sensitivity can be debilitating at worst and annoying at best so if you suffer, let us know.There are lots of causes and just as many solutions but we have the means and the products to help.

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