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Teeth whitening
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Brighten your smile up to 8 shades whiter with Boutique professional teeth whitening at Thorpe Lea Dental.

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Award-winning smiles

Our teeth naturally become stained over time due to the foods and drinks we consume, as well as lifestyle factors like smoking.

Perfect for an upcoming event, teeth whitening effectively treats discolouration and staining, and we offer a range of non-invasive teeth whitening options to suit the condition of your teeth and what you want to achieve. 

We offer the award-winning Boutique professional at-home whitening for your convenience – the most trusted teeth whitening treatment in the UK.

The benefits of Boutique whitening

  • Achieved 12 major industry awards over the past 2 years

  • 60 times stronger than non-professional whitening products

  • Safe, high-strength formula developed by dental experts  

  • Easy to use, with custom-made whitening trays to fit you

  • Get brighter, whiter teeth within 2 to 3 weeks

How teeth whitening works

The active ingredient in whitening gel, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, begins to break down once you place the whitening trays in your mouth, and passes safely through dental enamel. The chemical oxidation over that time causes the stains on your teeth to break down, and whitens them at the same time.

We offer Boutique whitening gels in different formula strengths for whitening during the day, and at night while you sleep. Your dentist will be able to advise which option is best for you, and your treatment plan could include a combination of both day and night whitening.

  • Day whitening
    Boutique Whitening by Day is a 6% hydrogen peroxide gel, and we recommend wearing your trays for at least 1 to 1.5 hours at a time to experience the full effect of the gel.

  • Night whitening
    Boutique by Night has a couple of different strength options – a 10% and a 16% carbamide peroxide gel – both designed to be worn overnight. Night gels are designed to be worn for at least 4 hours at a time, but for the best results, we recommend you keep the trays in overnight for 6 hours or more.

Proudly 5-star rated

At Thorpe Lea Dental, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dental care, excellent results, and an exceptional patient experience. But don't just take our word for it; see our Google reviews.

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All my needs understood and everything explained clearly.

Adnan Ali

Have moved from another dentist and am very happy with Thorpe Lea.

Amanda Macmillan-Hogarth

Well done to Colin and the team for the services they provide.

Andrew D Williams

Amazing dentist, both Colin and James are excellent. I have always had nothing but the best advice and treatment. The cleanliness at Thorpe Lea is exceptional and I have always felt safe with the knowledge that the surgery is spotless.


Would recommend Thorpe Lea dentistry to anyone. My wife and I are so pleased with Colin and his team, so friendly and professional. We would not consider going anywhere else.

Anthony Ambridge

I am very nervous and very anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist but James completely understands...I would recommend this dental practice without a doubt.

C Friday

The practice is very streamline with all the latest equipment. The dentist is very talented and efficient and the other staff are very pleasant and friendly.

Carol Eckersley

The environment is super clean and very modern.

Claire Percy

Environment feels safe with sensible Covid precautions.

Colin Keene

Colin and the team at Thorpe Lea Dental transformed my smile!

David Spendloff

I'm a huge wimp but Thorpe Lea’s dentist dentist have helped me immensely. They always make me feel relaxed and at ease and understand that I'm anxious and me with respect and dignity.

E Crewe

Every aspect of my extensive dental treatment has been professional!

Elaine Butt

Everyone has made me feel continuously comfortable and made me no longer anxious

Elise McAuley

Can not recommend Colin and the team highly enough.

Emily Collins

I have never received such high quality, professional care.

Emma Ryder

Colin never fails to reassure me!

Gemma Pointon

Wish I could award more stars, or nominate Colin for his fantastic customer service! Highly recommended.

Ian Warn

Just a thank you to James for his patience and respectful listening...a very positive start for a very nervous patient.

J Gort

The best dentist I have encountered.

Jay Johnson

Excellent and reassuring service by James & his team.

Jaz Mavi

Colin’s calm and reassuring demeanour immediately put me at ease.

Kiran Saini

He explains everything to me and checks at every stage of the dental surgery that I 'm ok. I feel relaxed with him and I know that it’s worth every penny.

L Devaney

Colin Houston and his team are friendly, helpful and efficient.

L Milligan

Amazing dentist practise. Been there for 6 years with my children and would never change. My dentist James is so lovely! Never had a bad thing to say about this place, the staff and the work carried out.

Laura Woodward

Every aspect of Dentistry is so very well delivered at Thorpe Lea Practise .

Leo Taylor

Always very professional, efficient and friendly.

Lesley Oddy

The staff were amazing and my teeth look brilliant.

Lucas Wake

Colin and his team have turned my view of dentist around, I no longer fear treatment and the reconstruction work he has done has given me a new confidence.

M Hall

I would recommend this Dental Practice without a doubt.

Maureen Hills

Since becoming a patient at Thorpe lea dental for over 10 years my experiences have been nothing more then warm friendly, reassuring and PAIN FREE!

Miss Barr

1st Class service as usual. on time, charming and very efficient checking all teeth before a small painless filling with no after effects. One now has a smile on one's face!!

Nicholas Wase-Rogers

The Staff are fantastic, on first name terms, welcoming and sympathetic to my phobia. They put up with my nervous composure the minute I enter the waiting room.

P Lelliot

I recommend them because they are the best and keep improving!

Paul Fogg

Thank you so much for my new smile!

Raghbir Singh

Would recommend as a great dentist for a family.

Rhys Hayward

Always made to feel comfortable and welcome!

Rob Foster

I can not recommend this practice enough for its customer service.

Rory Robinson

The practice hygienist is considerate and thorough plus the nursing staff are competent and professional.

S Brennan

I’m a new patient here and a total nervous wreck!...I was put completely at ease... right from meeting the receptionist to my appointment with James.

S Harvey

The service received was to an outstanding level and I felt time was taken to ensure I was comfortable and informed at all times.

S Shergill

I have been visiting Colin and the team for a few years now and can honestly say they are brilliant. The whole team are lovely at the practice. Nothing felt rushed and my teeth feel great afterwards! Highly recommended

Saleha Mughal

I highly recommend this dental practice. All the staff were very friendly and attentive and have been since my first interaction with them over the phone. Extremely thorough examination and an honest feedback of the work to be done.

Sam Karbani

Very professional and friendly.

Sarah Froberg

The way that all the staff treat you with sensitivity and care.

Selwyn Boothe

The best dental surgery I have been to. Spotlessly clean, very professional and my dentist James puts me at ease whenever I visit. Air purifying machines in every room and follow strict Covid protocols. If you are lucky enough to sign on with them they will look after you.

Stuart Christie

James the dentist was super friendly.

Tanya Peters

I can now smile with confidence.

Teri Sampy

Make you feel relaxed!

michael stone

I would definitely recommend Thorpe Lea dental practice.

vivian williams

Your journey to a dazzling smile

You can achieve professional teeth whitening results up to 8 shades whiter than your natural teeth in just a few weeks at Thorpe Lea Dental.

Dental check-up

Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure your teeth are ready, restore any cavities, and take digital scan for your bespoke whitening trays.


Custom-made trays

The digital scan of your teeth is sent to the Boutique dental technicians who will create your whitening trays, which will fit your mouth precisely for maximum comfort.


Prep your teeth

While you wait for your whitening trays, you’ll need to start using the Boutique specially formulated, extra-sensitive whitening toothpaste to prep your teeth.


Whitening treatment

You’ll collect your trays from us and start using them at home with the specially-formulated whitening gels, in the strength your dentist has recommended for you. 


Enjoy your new smile

In two to three weeks depending on your teeth and the results you want to achieve, you’ll be showing off your beautiful new smile!

New Patients

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening at Thorpe Lea Dental

What is the difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

The main difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is how quickly it breaks down. Teeth whitening is a result of the peroxide breaking down to form oxygen free radicals which then break up larger pigment molecules into smaller, less visible molecules that can be absorbed by the body!

Carbamide peroxide is hydrogen peroxide compounded with urea, which helps to stabilise the formula, giving it a more predictable, longer shelf life than hydrogen peroxide alone. Carbamide peroxide is a more stable molecule and breaks down much more slowly than hydrogen peroxide, which is why it’s better for use over a longer period of time and better worn at night. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent oxidising agent which breaks down almost immediately, releasing active oxygen ions entirely within the first hour of use – this makes it better for wearing suing the day for shorter periods of time.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have dental veneers, crowns, or other restorations?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Teeth whitening will only whiten your natural teeth, and can only remove any post-treatment stains on your veneers or crowns. It’s a good idea to have your teeth whitened before you get dental restorations so they can be shade-matched to your whitened teeth.

How long will my teeth whitening last?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent and without proper care, the colour of your newly whitened teeth will begin to slowly fade back to your previous colour. The duration between topping up your teeth whitening depends mainly on lifestyle choices; people who smoke or consume heavily pigmented food and drinks that stain teeth, such as red wine, coffee, and curries, need teeth whitening top-ups every 3 to 4 months. If well taken care of, most people can get away with topping up their teeth whitening every 6 months or once per year.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Yes, teeth whitening is regulated as a cosmetic product in the UK and Europe which means it must adhere to the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations. 

Are there any side-effects?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

The main side-effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity, which is usually mild but can be more uncomfortable depending on your teeth and gums. Some people will also feel some slight irritation of the gums or lips, but both of these side-effects are temporary and will resolve after finishing your treatment.  

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