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The iTero Element intra-oral scanner is designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualisationcapabilities.

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in the latest technology for 3D scanning.This technology allows us to deliver pinpoint accuracy dentistry by using optical and laser scanning.Today, it is possible for dentist to take a highly accurate, digital, 3D image of the inside of a patient’s mouth. The iTero Scanner creates almost flawless images of the patient’s teeth and gum tissues the first time, so aligners, retainers, appliances and restorations can be more accurate and fit better.The time it takes to make these accurate impressions is also greatly reduced with iTero, and there is no need to take impressions multiple times. This means faster delivery time of the patient’s personalised orthodontic treatment.The patient remains comfortable with no messy impression material and can breathe normally during the digital 3D scan, and the results can be seen immediately onscreen.Research shows it takes from 20 – 30 minutes less time per patient to get an accurate mold, and there is more than a half an hour less time per patient for adjustments later because the form is so accurate.For some orthodontic appliances, there is an outcome simulator that gives orthodontists and patients a preview of the potential results of the patient’s straightened or realigned teeth before they even start the treatment.

The main benefits of using an iTero scanner are that it:

  • Precisely scans the whole tooth with no guesswork for missing teeth
  • Reduces seating appointments by 22 percent
  • Gives highly accurate restorations because of precision-milled models
  • Eliminates the discomfort of taking impressions
  • Produces real-time, high-impact visualisations to help educate patients

The iTero is especially compatible with Invisalign braces. It actually makes it possible to create more accurate aligners, which reduces the number of aligners required overall. The iTero is also suitable for implants as well as orthodontics. The digital scans can be sent directly to a lab, so the technicians can collaborate online with the doctors, significantly reducing productivity time.The process is also very safe. It does not include x-ray radiation because the scanner uses laser to generate the images. The process is environmentally-friendly and does not have an unpleasant taste. The patient will not need to have his or her teeth cleaned after the procedure.The benefits of iTero are many for orthodontists as well as patients. It will give a precise fit for crowns, veneers and bridges in less time than the old method of taking impressions, and there is much less chance that the impression will need to be retaken.


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