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Dental Receptionist, Sarah Card, embarked on Invisalign clear brace treatment at Thorpe Lea Dental in Staines just six weeks ago. Here she gives you an honest update about her treatment.

Having now been wearing Invisalign invisible retainers for 6 weeks, I thought now would be a good time to update you on my progress.So far I have been pleasantly surprised by just how easy the Invisalign clear braces have been. I am currently on Invisalign tray 4. When I started the treatment at Thorpe Lea Dental, Middlesex, removing the trays was something that I was extremely worried about. I can now say I am a pro and remove them quickly without anyone noticing (which is great when you are in public places). I change my trays every 10 days. So far the 4th tray has been the tightest fit around my teeth, but it hasn’t been uncomfortable at all.I had a lisp for the first few days, which is something that Colin Houston my dentist at Thorpe Lea Dental made me aware of prior to treatment, but it soon disappeared once I got used to having the invisible trays around my teeth.After Invisalign tray 3, I had my first Invisalign review appointment at Thorpe Lea Dental Practice with Colin Houston. This was only a 5-minute appointment (perfect when you are rushed off your feet). Colin checked the trays were seating properly around my teeth, made sure I had no issues with them, and I was given my next 3 trays to take home.When changing the Invisalign trays, I hadn’t realised how discoloured they would get over just 10 days. This is something that I only noticed when I compared them with my new trays, I hadn’t noticed it at all whilst wearing them. I mentioned this to Colin who recommended a product called retainer bright to soak my trays in whilst I have them out for eating if it did start to bother me.I have already noticed the spacing between my teeth closing as it has become harder to use Tepe interdental brushes when cleaning after meals, which is great after such a short time.No one has noticed that I am wearing Invisalign clear braces, even over Christmas when visiting family and friends. They were all amazed when I told them that I had already started the treatment and I had them in! I am determined to get the full benefit of my Invisalign treatment, so I was strict over the festive period – I kept eating and drinking to certain times of the day to keep my trays in for the optimal wear time of 22 hours.So far I am extremely happy with how my Invisalign clear braces treatment is going and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an alternative to fixed braces.For more information on Invisalign, removable braces and clear braces with Thorpe Lea Dental Staines, Egham, contact us on 01784 454 899.Thorpe Lea Dental is the leading choice for families and business people in Staines, Egham, Virginia Water, Sunbury, Middlesex and Surrey. We believe in affordable dentistry and we listen carefully to our patients’ wishes, working together to enhance their smiles and to keep their teeth strong and healthy for life.

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