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Dental Hygienist in Staines



At Thorpe Lea Dental we understand that oral hygiene is vital for your dental health and your overall wellbeing too. We prefer to prevent problems from occurring rather than simply fixing things when they go wrong.

We recommend regular dental visits for examinations and hygiene treatments to ensure your mouth, teeth, and gums remain in great condition.

Our high-quality hygiene treatments include cleaning, gum care, scaling and polishing.

The hygiene team at Thorpe Lea Dental is specially trained to make your smile sparkle and
our range of hygiene services will help keep your gums healthier and your teeth brighter.
When it comes to our teeth, debris, plaque, and dull teeth are the epitome of poor health.
Healthy teeth are spotlessly clean and shiny.

Stain free

Regular hygiene therapy is essential for healthy teeth and gums and to keep your smile
looking fresh and clean. But it doesn’t remove all of the stains caused by consuming tea,
coffee, red wine and curries, and by smoking. Certain medications can also affect the
colour of our teeth, as can the ageing process. Whatever the reason, stained teeth can
appear unhealthy, even if they are actually strong and dentally sound. Upgrade your
classic hygiene clean to include airflow for improved stain removal and a professionally
cleaned feel.

Whiter & Brighter

For an even more dazzling smile, tooth whitening is the solution. Remember, tooth
whitening lasts longer if carried out after a thorough hygiene clean.

Fresh | £75.00

This ‘Fresh’ hygiene session is designed to maintain your current gum health and includes a gum health check and oral hygiene advice. It is ideal for regular attenders who have hygiene visit every 3-4 months.

• Gum health check and oral hygiene advice as required
• Ultrasonic clean and polishing
• Removes superficial stains leaving teeth shiny

We do not recommend this treatment for new patients, or if you have not been for a hygiene visit for a few years. In this case we would recommend our ‘New Patient Double Fresh’ hygiene service.

Clean and Fresh | £112.00

Upgrade your ‘Fresh’ hygiene clean with this amazing air polish. This extended visit will restore the sparkle to your smile. AIR-FLOW® is a high powered air-jet stain removal system that blasts away stubborn stains using air and bicarbonate powder. The result? A stain free, brighter smile. Clean & Fresh is ideal if you haven’t seen a hygienist for more than 6 months or if you regularly consume foods that stain teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine and curries.

• Gum health check and oral hygiene advice as required
• Ultrasonic clean
• AIR-FLOW to remove deep seated stubborn stains to brighten your teeth and
restore the sparkle to your smile

New Patient Double Fresh | £143.00

Our most extensive hygiene service, ideal for patients that are new to our practice or have not had a hygiene visit for 12 months or more.
• Gum health check and oral hygiene advice as required
• Extended ultrasonic clean and polishing
• Removes superficial stains leaving teeth shiny

Looking for extra sparkle? Add AIR-FLOW to your “Fresh” or “Double Fresh” hygiene treatment for £37.

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