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Invisalign and whitening

Invisalign and whitening

"I had been putting off visiting the dentist for several years due to feeling self-conscious about my crooked teeth. I had always been uncomfortable with my smile and had resigned myself to the fact that there was little I could do to change it.  As a child I’d previously worn braces, however retention wasn’t a “thing” back then and so my teeth ended up moving back into their original place.

I had always experienced regular migraines and tension in my neck, which I assumed was in part due to the stress of my job. It hadn’t occurred to me that my crooked bite was also contributing to my migraines until my wife mentioned coming to see Colin.  

After my initial consultation, Colin took a scan of my teeth and discussed the best treatment options with me. I took the plunge and opted for Invisalign, which I had heard about from friends and a work colleague who had used it before.

Over the course of several months, I wore my Invisalign aligners, and the results were nothing short of amazing. My teeth are now perfectly straight and I’m no longer embarrassed to smile, but what I’m most happy about is the relief from my migraines and neck tension. My bite had settled down into a much more comfortable position, which has greatly reduced the stress on my jaw and neck muscles.

I am now a regular patient at Thorpe Lea Dental and would 100% recommend Colin and his fantastic team to everyone I know!"

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