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Time has been flying as I am now in my 13th week of clear brace treatment with Thorpe Lea Dental Staines, Egham.

Now on Invisalign tray 8, I enjoy the feeling of the new set of aligners each fortnight as the tightness in the first few days tells me it’s doing it’s job.

I am in a good routine when it comes to brushing/flossing etc. I always have a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss on me (and I keep a spare in my car and at work in case I ever forget to bring it).

Frequency of brushing my teeth has become a concern when discussing my oral  hygiene routine with my dentist Colin Houston. As you have to brush after every meal or drink (other than water) I was worried about over-brushing, so I have started using mouthwash when I do remove my trays for a drink.

Before changing to tray 7, I had my second ‘Spacing procedure’.

The spacing was 0.3mm- 0.5mm which doesn’t sound a lot but to me it feels a lot! But it has a huge effect of the teeth movements and assisting with creating the space for this. The downside to this is there are areas for food to get caught in, so I have to allow extra time for flossing and brushing.

I kept these trays in for 2 weeks rather than 10 days to allow more time to close these gaps. The trays were extremely tight when I initially put them in but they were much easier to remove after a few days.

Comparison shots from pre-Invisalign to now showing the spacing:

Everything with my Invisalign clear brace treatment so far has been pain-free, convenient yet effective and fast. When I speak to new people about adult braces, they are always shocked when they realise that I am wearing Invisalign trays. Using it now is just like second nature, I don’t worry about it, and I forget it’s there most of the time.

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