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The Dental Hygienist is a fundamental member of our clinical team at Thorpe Lea Dental Staines. It is the Hygienist who will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, provide oral health instruction and any necessary dietary advice.

This is in no way akin to the dentist’s scale and polish, our Hygienist at Thorpe Lea Dental is the most important member of the dental team for preventing disease and we advocate regular visits, especially if you are someone whose daily regime does not include the requisite daily brushing twice for two minutes and flossing.

A recent survey investigating the public’s oral health habits has found that more than one in three, (39%) admit they give little thought to their oral health and it plays hardly any relevance in their diet, whilst one in six, (17%) said they ate or drank what they liked giving no thought to the effect on their mouth or teeth. Results also found that more than one in four people, (28%) are aware of the foods that are bad for their teeth but ignore it. Do you fit into one of the categories?

At Thorpe Lea Dental, our Hygienist and dental team understand that you want to keep your teeth for life. We are also realistic enough to know that you will not always make dietary decisions that your teeth would approve. And that’s why we encourage you to attend regularly and visit the Hygienist at least annually but ideally twice per year.

To book an appointment with our Dental Hygienist at Thorpe Lea Dental Staines, Egham, Middlesex contact us on 01784 454 899.