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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Healthier Way


Valentine’s Day is coming up and we all know what that means: sugar, sugar and more sugar. Indulging a bit in chocolate isn’t all bad news, if done in moderation and by choosing your portion size wisely.

Let’s try to celebrate the love-filled holiday in a healthy way. Here are some tips:

Substitute dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate has a lower sugar content than milk chocolate, and its content may increase heart health as well.

Create fun treats from fresh fruit:

Try cutting fruit into heart shapes, putting fruit on skewers, or even dipping it in a small amount of dark chocolate. By keeping healthier foods at the forefront and only using added sugars to encourage eating fresh fruit (especially for children), you can reduce the total sugar content you’d otherwise consume on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate what’s really sweet:

Re-focus on the reason for the holiday. Whether you’re celebrating romantic love, friendship, or family bonds, telling someone what you love about them is always sweet- without the risk for caries!

Make homemade crafts:

Homemade cards, heart-shaped paper streamers and garland, and other decorations can make your day feel extra festive! Plus, you can do these crafts with the kids for quality time without the sugar content.

Swap ingredients:

In your baked goods, trade butter for a healthy oil (such as olive oil), swap whole milk for milk alternatives, and exchange sugar for honey, agave, or fruits.

With these tips and some planning, you and your family can enjoy a healthier and more meaningful Valentine’s Day.